Anita Malone

Anita Malone is the lead instructor for Malone Computing Service's WinCC OA Basic Training class. Anita has worked with Siemens/ETM since 2014 to develop the training materials and certification process for WinCC OA.  Anita is the premiere source for WinCC OA training seminars and has helped multiple companies world-wide with basic training and implementation solutions.


Background and Education

Anita began her professional career working as a Systems Engineering Analyst at Texas Instruments where she worked with real-time data processing systems, programming and testing simulation software functions and acting as a liaison between hardware and software teams. After her time at Texas Instruments, Anita spent seventeen years teaching technical skills at various levels, including seven years developing and teaching week-long training seminars on the implementation and use of US Data's industrial automation software FactoryLink.  

Anita received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a Computer Engineering option in 1988 from Montana State University as well as a B.A. in Secondary Education Broadfield Science and a minor in mathematics from the University of Great Falls in 2008. Anita is licensed by the State of Montana as an educator with endorsements in Secondary Science (Broadfield) and Mathematics.